Eurovision Archive: 1958



Eurovision 1958 was the third annual Eurovision, and took place in Hilversum in the Netherlands, as they won the contest in 1957. This introduced the tradition that the winning country could then host the contest the year after. This is not a hard and fast rule, however in most cases the winning country takes on the host role the following year. The show was broadcast on Wednesday the 12th of March at the AVRO studios.

A total of 10 countries participated, the same as 1957 however in 1958 we saw the UK withdraw, and Sweden join the contest. The 1956 and 1958 contests are the only contests to not feature a song in English, as the UK had missed both of these editions.

The juries judging on the contest did not go to the studios, rather, they remained in their own countries to listen to the songs. Once the songs had been performed, the juries announced their votes by telephone in the reverse order of presentation. The Italian song was not heard properly in some of the countries, therefore the Italian representative, Domenico Modugno performed his song again.

In 1958, it was the first time and last time until 2015 where the host country had placed last, and also the first time that more than one country ended up in last place. The interval act was music by Metropole Orkest, and there were two interval acts. One in the middle of the competing songs, and the other one once all the songs had been performed.

There were four returning artists, including Fud Leclerc (Belgium 1956), Margot Hielscher (Germany 1957), Corry Brokken (Netherlands 1956, winner in 1957) and Lys Assia (Switzerland, winner in 1956, participated in 1957).


Click the image to show the full results:


Here is the winning song:


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