Artist Profiles: Softengine

Softengine were placed in the spotlight in 2014, after the band of Finnish youngsters entered the Finnish national selection UMK, and were voted in to represent the nation at Eurovision in 2014. The band actually formed in 2011, and spent years gigging, song writing and entering competitions.

On the 1st of February, the band was chosen to represent Finland at Eurovision with the song Something Better. At Eurovision, they progressed to the final and ultimately finished in 11th place, which was the best result Finland had achieved since their 2006 win with Lordi. Not long after Eurovision, the band released their follow up single Yellow House. Only a few months later, the bassist of the group Eero Keskinen left the band to focus on his career as a lighting technician. This left Topi Latukka, Ossi Mäkelä, Henri Oskár and Tuomo Alarinta as a foursome.

In October of 2014, they released their debut album, We Created The World, which featured their Eurovision single, Yellow House and two new singles titled The Sirens and What If I? In 2015, they appeared on UMK once again, this time to perform Something Better in acoustic form as well as their single The Sirens.

In June of 2015, they released a song called All About You and I. Also in 2015, they released a single titled Big Fat Bass Drums. Both of these singles became a part of their EP titled From Earth, From Ashes, From Dust. The EP featured 5 songs in total, the aforementioned two, along with Raise a Glass, Grateful and Golden Years.

In 2016, Softengine released two new singles, Free Rider and towards the end of the year, they released She Is My Messiah. Other than creating new music, the band is often touring, and you can follow their every move by following the band on social media!

Here are some of our favourite Softengine songs!


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