Artist Profiles: Sirusho

Sirusho performed the song Qele Qele in Eurovision 2008, and still remains one of the most loved in the fan community. Since then, she has been up to a few different projects, both musically and she entered into the jewellery field.

Post Eurovision, Sirusho released her 4th studio album titled Havatum Em. The album featured previously released singles, such as Erotas, Havatum Em and Time To Pray, along with songs she had previous written for the Eurovision national selection.

In 2011, the song I Like It was released on iTunes, and in the same year, she performed Qele Qele at Junior Eurovision which was held in her home country Armenia.

In 2012, Sirusho released another his song called PreGomesh, which reinvigorated Armenian culture and traditions, and presented them in a more modern fashion. You can watch the clip down below. The following year, Sirusho and another former Eurovision star, Sakis Rouvas announced they would record a song together. In 2014, she was nominated for the Best Armenian Singer, Best Armenian Song and Best Armenian Music Video at the World Music Awards.

In 2015, she released a song dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, titled Kga Mi Or (Where were you). Her next track was titled Mi Togn Indz Menak (Do Not Leave Me Alone).

This year, the album Armat has been released, and is said to represent the Armenian culture.

Other than music, Sirusho has also worked on a jewellery and accessory project. Inspired by her track PreGomesh, she created the PreGomesh line, which features jewellery inspired by tradition, and creating a modern look to traditional cultural ornaments. You can browse the website here.

Here are some of the tracks mentioned above:


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