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Eurovision Union is a fresh and inclusive Eurovision website which provides a comprehensive look at all angles of Europe’s favourite contest. We aim to provide a range of news and special features which will not only unite Eurovision fans from across the world, but educate and provide a welcoming forum for Eurovision newcomers.

Eurovision Union was proudly established by a young, passionate writer and Eurovision follower. My name is Anita, and I am proud to be able to call myself a Eurovisionary. I’m also extremely happy to have the opportunity to share my passion with people across Europe, and across the world. My purpose was to provide a forum to be able to bring people together to share experiences, views and opinions in a friendly environment, and I encourage people to speak up, tell us what you think, and feel free to contribute to the site – it’s yours just as much as it is mine!

I’d like to encourage others to come forward and send us any ideas for articles, or if you would like to review songs, it’s as simple as sending us a message via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or using the form below to email us.

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