Artist Profiles: Cleo & Donatan

Cleoooooo, Donatan!

You’re singing My Slowianie now aren’t you? I don’t blame you at all, it just seems to be one of those songs where you hear the first word and you’re off, stuck with images of milkmaids and long braids for the rest of the day.

Let’s take a look at how Cleo & Donatan entered the Eurovision world…

The dynamic duo comprises of Cleo, real name Joanna, and Donatan, real name Witold. Cleo is the vocalist of the pair, while Donatan is the producer and sound engineer. In 2013, the duo received a nomination for Best Polish Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and had released albums in 2012, and then in 2014. Conveniently, Poland decided to re-enter Eurovision, and rumours began to fly around the Eurovision community, as per usual, and Cleo and Donatan kept popping up as potential Eurovision entrants. Also conveniently, they had released My Slowianie after the September deadline, meaning it could enter Eurovision if the broadcaster should choose so. It seemed a legitimate choice, especially with the song getting millions of hits before the contest.

Well, for once, the rumours were true. The Polish Broadcaster TVP met with the pair, and they came to an agreement that they would represent the country in Copenhagen 2014. The positive thing about the song, and the artists behind it, is that it incorporated Polish culture into a fun, modern pop number, which was sure to be a hit at Eurovision.

Sure enough, the song qualified for the final – with the help of some ‘traditionally’ dressed girls (it was a straight man’s dream come true). It then came 14th in the final, however caused controversy as it actually scored 5th in the televote, however suffered in the jury vote. Nevertheless, they brought Poland back to the contest with a respectable placing.

So what have the duo been up to since Eurovision?

The two have been busy releasing songs from their album Hiper Chimera. The album, unsurprisingly went to number 1 in Poland, and their singles Cicha Woda and Brac reaching number 1 on the Polish charts. What is continuous between their songs is the folky feel, the Slavic pride.

In addition to the music releases, Cleo has also worked on her own fashion line. The talented artist partnered with the clothing company UrbanCity, creating a range of different clothing items which include shirts, hats, and most excitingly, the skirt that she wears in her video for My Slowianie, which has become a bit of a signature piece.

Here at Eurovision Union, we suggest that if you ever need a playlist specifically for those times when you feel like churning some butter, Cleo and Donatan will most definitely fulfil that need. We suggest listening to My Slowianie (for those who have been living under a rock) and then treat yo’ self to Brac or Sztorm. These songs are all linked below, how convenient!



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