Eurovision Throwback: Vanilla Ninja – Cool Vibes

Switzerland have had a long history at Eurovision, being one of the seven nations to participate in the first edition of the contest. In more recent times, it’s possible to count their qualifications with only one hand, and that’s over a span of more than ten years. Today we’re taking it back to one of their more successful years, with that being 2005. The group Vanilla Ninja represented Switzerland at Eurovision, however ironically the band themselves are from Estonia. Gaining an 8th place in the final, their best result since 1993, did Vanilla Ninja deserve a higher place with their song Cool Vibes, or perhaps 8th place was lucky enough?

Let me answer that question by saying that this song is one of their best from Kyiv to Kyiv years (2005 – 2017). The song opens in such a tense way, with strings backing the fierce vocals from the lead. It sets the tone for the song, and you just know this is going to be a good song. As the guitar hits, the song becomes more angsty, but the ballad-like vocals mixed with the rock backdrop makes for a song that even pop lovers can appreciate. What’s really interesting about this song, is that even listening to it in 2017, the song doesn’t feel dated – which I certainly can’t say about most of the 2005 songs. If this song was revamped with a modern stage performance, it could have worked on the 2017 stage – think lasers, smoke, lighting and Svala like costumes! Naturally the staging and costuming is pretty dated, but then again, it’s still far superior to a lot of the other 2005 who definitely committed crimes against fashion.

Overall, I totally think 8th place wasn’t high enough for Switzerland in 2005. The song impresses me from start to finish, to the point where I have no hesitation to click the repeat button. Looking at the actual results of 2005, I think this could have slotted in around 5th place, although admittedly I’d rearrange some of the Top 10. Now all we need is to Switzerland to reach this level of quality within the 2018 context, and finally the nation might see the finals once again, and perhaps without the help of Estonia!

I’m giving this song a 9/10.

Artist Profile

Year: 2005

Country: Switzerland

Artist: Vanilla Ninja

Song: Cool Vibes

Final Ranking:  8th in the Final