Lithuania continues with Eurovizijos: 8 More Qualify

Whether you believe it or not, Lithuania are yet one step closer to choosing their Eurovision act for 2017! Last night the 6th heat took place, where a total of 12 songs performed once again, this time fighting for the 8 spots in the next round.

Last night these acts performed:

  • Sasha Song – Never Felt Like This Before

  • Valerija Iljinaitė – You Made Me Glow

  • Alanas Chošnau – 7 Days

  • Greta Zazza – Like I Love You

  • Aistė Pilvelytė – I’m Like a Wolf

  • Elvaldas Vaikasas – Fire Kisses

  • Neringa Šiaudikytė – One More Night

  • Queens of Roses – Fishermen

  • Vidas Bareikis & Ieva Zasimauskaitė – I Love My Phone

  • Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – Love Shadow

  • Golden Monkeys – Septyni Dievai

  • Mia – Sacrifice

From this list we have Sasha Song who represented Lithuania in 2009 with a song very different from his bid this year. Also, as many would know, the song I’m Like a Wolf was written by the one and only Aminata, and last night, this was the entry that topped the night in the voting.

Here are the qualifiers in their voting order linked to previous performances:

  1. Aistė Pilvelytė

  2. Greta Zazza

  3. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė

  4. Queens of Roses

  5. Sasha Song

  6. Mia

  7. Valerija Iljinaitė

  8. Alanas Chošnau

Like in previous heats, the jury and viewers at home have disagreed on a few of the acts. This time around, Sasha song was saved by the jury vote, with the televoters not as impressed. The same was for Alanas and his song 7 Days. In contrast, the jury were not fans of Queens of Roses, however the public rated them second highest of the night, only behind Aistė Pilvelytė.

The songs that were agreed on by both the jury and televoters were Aistė Pilvelytė with I’m Like a Wolf, which gained 12 points from both the jury and public, and Greta Zazza was also a hit with both after receiving 10 points from the jury, and 8 from the public vote.