Ukraine has chosen! O.Torvald to represent the home nation!

It’s always a big responsibility to represent the host nation at Eurovision, as the standard is set so high the previous year. Ukraine is no exception to that, and last night they chose their 2017 representative who will represent them on the Kyiv stage.

Over the last 3 weeks, there have been 3 semi-finals, with only 2 songs from each semi-final qualifying into last night’s final. Here are the six acts:

  1. Salto Nazad – O Mamo

  2. Melovin – Wonder

  3. O.Torvald – Time

  4. Iliaria – Thank You For My Way

  5. Tayanna – I Love You

  6. Rozhden – Saturn

After all the performances were complete, the televoting lines were open and the jury deliberated and finalised their results. The results show was kicked off with a performance from the French act for 2017, Alma with her song Requiem. The jury results followed, and the points ranged from 1 to 6.

  • Salto Nazad – 1 point

  • Melovin – 2 points

  • Rozhden – 3 points

  • Iliaria – 4 points

  • O.Torvald – 5 points

  • Tayanna – 6 points

After these jury points were given out, Poland’s representative Kasia Moś then took to the stage to perform her Eurovision 2017 song Flashlight. Then, the public votes were announced. In combination with the jury votes, the song with the highest points would be declared the winner.

  • Iliaria – 1 point

  • Rozhden – 2 points

  • Salto Nazad – 3 points

  • Tayanna – 4 points

  • O.Torvald – 5 points

  • Melovin – 6 points

If addition is your strong point, you’ll see that O.Torvald and Tayanna were tied at 10 points each, and in this case, the televoting broke the tie, meaning that O.Torvald will be representing Ukraine with the song Time!

Listen to the song here: