Barbara Dex Award: Who will be the Worst Dressed from 2017?

The Barbara Dex Award has been an annual award given to the Eurovision star who is deemed as the ‘worst dressed.’ It was named after Barbara Dex, who represented Belgium back in 1993 with a self-sewn dress, which safe to say didn’t look too crash hot. We love a crazy costume or two, so much so that we’ve written three posts about it, naming our Top 5 Crazy costumes over three parts, as linked below. Often, our Top 5 contenders match up with the winners of the Barbara Dex Award, and it’s not difficult to see why. Some of the most memorable include Rona Nishliu, who represented Albania in 2012, Moje 3 the following year representing Serbia, and even Eurovision icon Verka Serduchka won the award in 2007!

The award is an unofficial award which was originally awarded by the popular fansite House of Eurovision, however will be awarding the Barbara Dex Award from this year onwards. Although unofficial, it’s a critical part of the Eurovision experience!

This year, there are some real contenders for the title. Will it be Croatia’s Jacques Houdek, who mixed business with pleasure with his half tuxedo, half casual attire? Perhaps it will be Switzerland’s lead Miruna, who bravely chose yellow as her dress colour! Naturally Montenegro’s Slavko is in with a good chance of taking out the title with his costume reveal of bedazzled pants and a mesh shirt. Or perhaps it will be Martina from the Czech Republic, who is rocking the retro metallic pantsuit, straight out of the 80’s!

All 42 acts are up for the award, and it’s up to you to vote. The voting is open now, until the 21st of May! You can vote here!