A World of Music: The Latest Music from Eurovision Stars!

We’re technically in the Eurovision off-season, but that doesn’t mean we have no new music to listen to! Over the last week, a number of former Eurovision stars have reminded us of their talent through new music or video releases, and now we’re going to share these songs with you!

We’ll start off with an Austrian representative who stole the hearts of many Eurovision fans across the world. Of course, I’m talking about Zoë, who represented Austria in 2016 with the French language song Loin d’ici. Her newest single, titled Dangerous Affair marks the first time that the Austrian songstress has released a song in the English language, but she assures fans that she’s playing around with her sound, and that French will always remain as part of her and her music.

We hadn’t heard much from Zoë in a while, but during this time, she’s been working on her next studio album, which is said to have a release date in September.

Watch the video for Dangerous Affair here:

Heading over to the 2017 Eurovision host nation, Ukraine, where their 2012 representative Gaitana has also released a new song and music video. The song, titled ‘Sontsye V Tobi’ (The Sun In You) was actually released back in December, but the music video has just been released in the last week, and demonstrates the message of sharing the love.

The song itself is a step away from what she presented at Eurovision back in 2012. Gaitana’s powerful voice still packs a punch, but in a more toned down way. The song has more of an R&B style rather than the upbeat dance tune Be My Guest, but the real kicker is found in the music video….

Watch the video here, and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Next up on our Eurovision world tour is Croatia, where we’re putting the focus on another 2016 act, Nina Kraljić, who released the album Samo last year, of which the current single is from. The song we’re talking about is called Vir (Whirlpool), and it features the same mystical sound that we’ve come to love from Nina.

The music video for the song was released only days ago, and was directed by Krešimir Cizmek. It features Nina herself, as well as two dancers, Martina Ivankovic and Dino Baksa. The video is said to capture and symbolise the struggles of a girl and her subconscious, and you can watch it h

Keeping to the Croatian theme, 2006 Croatian representative Severina has also released a new track titled Mrtav Bez Mene (Dead Without me). It’s caused a bit of controversy due to the theme of the song, and especially because of the opening lyrics which translate to ‘I regularly dream of choking you with my teeth, pulling out your heart with my hands and putting it on the ice’ – she’s not holding back!

The song is sung in Croatian, and features her powerful voice against the backdrop of a Balkan pop beat. The song is the third off her upcoming album which will be released in two parts, the first to be released next month, and the second part to be released later in the year.

Watch the video below:

We’re finishing our musical tour in Germany, where the most recent German representative Levina has released the music video for her recently released track ‘Stop Right There.’ The song is off her debut album, which was released in the whirlwind two weeks of Eurovision, and is called Unexpected.

This song really represents Levina’s style and sound, and we’re loving the fun and upbeat vibes she’s giving off in the song and the music video! She’s doin’ her thing!

Watch the video here: