Denmark prepares for the 2018 Eurovision season!

It’s been a bit of an uncertain road for Denmark in the last few years, with failure to qualify in 2015 and 2016, and then qualifying in at 10th place in 2017. As such, Denmark is preparing to begin the search for their 2018, hoping that some changes in the rules will promote more success for the Danish team.

Danish broadcaster DR has now announced that submissions are open for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the same national final format that has been used for many years previous. Applicants have until the 15th of September to submit their entries.

So what are these changes that DR are introducing? Well, for starters, songs submitted after the deadline might actually still be considered for Eurovision 2018, and if not, 2019. This came about after discussions with songwriters from Denmark, who concluded that there is less pressure to write and submit a song within a short deadline, whereas now there’s more time to be considered for upcoming Eurovision Song Contest’s, rather than looking specifically at only the next edition.

The applicants also now need to focus on their stage performance and visuals from the beginning of the process. DR has urged that entries need to be submitted in a professional manner, meaning that entries should be professionally recorded, and thoughts about the final production need to be prepared.

DR has also recruited Mads Enggaard, who was the viewing room producer in Kyiv to produce the entries. Enggaard has had ample experience through not only Eurovision for the last four years, but also on shows such as X Factor, which all helps in devising the perfect Eurovision act!

More information about the submission rules can be found on the website of DR.