JOWST x Kristian Kostov: Listen to their Collaboration ‘Burning Bridges’ Here!

What’s better than one of your favourite Eurovision artists releasing a new song? Well, two of your favourites collaborating on a new song! That’s the case with 2017 Norwegian and Bulgarian representatives, JOWST and Kristian Kostov, who have teamed up to release the single titled Burning Bridges.

Almost a year after they met as competitors at Eurovision in Kyiv, the duo have impressed fans with their collaboration, which has been teased for a while now on both their social media accounts. The talented acts have been working on the track since late last year, and Kristian has said that as soon as he heard the song, it was a no-brainer to work with JOWST.

In an interview with the team of the official Eurovision website, Kristian says,’ JOWST offered me the song Burning Bridges in November and as soon as my brother heard it, he said “We are doing it for sure. It is high-level stuff”. My brother is a music producer as well, so he got along with JOWST immediately. Together, we discussed the different versions of the song and chose the best one’

The song definitely highlights the talents of both artists, from the production of JOWST to the vocals we’ve come to love from the young Bulgarian talent. It’s easy to see why both acts finished in the Top 10 at Eurovision last year (we also have to credit the incredibly talented vocalist Aleksander Walmann who performed the vocals on the Norwegian entry!). This song is also a big reminder that we can’t wait to see what both of these artists do in the future!

Listen to the track below!