2018 Eurovision Reviews – Italy

Since their return in 2011, Italy have barely put a foot wrong when it comes to Eurovision. Unlike the other Big 5 nations, Italy has been able to fairly consistently land themselves in the Top 10 which is pretty impressive. As per usual, the nation used their prestigious song festival, Sanremo, to choose who would be going to Eurovision this year, and as we all know, it was the unstoppable duo of Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro who would take their anthem Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente to the Eurovision stage. Will this be another Top 10 result for Italy?

Usually I’m an avid Sanremo fan, but admittedly this year I found many of the entries to be underwhelming. Despite that, I had a couple of favourites, and naturally, none of them actually won the competition or the right to represent Italy at Eurovision, but nevertheless, the show must go on, and we must take the entry that’s presented to us!

I’ll also preface this by saying that I pretty much like every Italian song I hear, Sanremo or not, but unfortunately, I didn’t quite fall in love with this entry. I think there are some very redeeming features of this song, but I’ve definitely preferred previous years of Italy’s Eurovision entries. I think probably the best feature of this song is definitely the message of the song. It’s such an important message of peace, and even if you don’t understand the Italian language, I can assure you that the song has serious substance – this isn’t a song with lyrics just for the sake of filling a song. I think with the simple beat that the song has, the true focus is on the two artists preaching their message, and that’s what makes this song unique and appealing to a lot of people. It’s clear to see and hear the passion they both have through their performance, and that is something that can’t be taught.

Although I can appreciate this entry, I still find it slightly underwhelming, which isn’t helped by the fact that personally I’m not the biggest fan of their vocal styles. I’m not even too sure I can adequately describe what is stopping me from embracing this song, but it’s just not hitting the spot as many of the other Italian entries have done. It’s growing on me, but we’re not yet at the ‘love’ stage.

I’d probably expect a fairly simple staging from the Italians this year, but I think with this style of song, there shouldn’t be too many distractions. Even with something simple, this has the potential to be truly memorable for viewers and the jury, and I think it will be rewarded by both.

All aboard… the MetaMoro train!

I think this does have pretty big potential, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this in the Top 10 this year. It’s probably one of the most genuine songs of this year’s competition, but we’ve come to expect that from Italy.

Our rating: 7/10

If you support Italy at Eurovision, make sure to vote for Ermal and Fabrizio in our poll! Watch their official video below, and follow our Eurovision 2018 playlist on Spotify.