The search for the next German Eurovision act has begun!

After the success of Michael Schulte at this year’s contest, the interest in the contest is as strong as ever. The German broadcaster has revealed that they received 1000 applications for next year’s national final.

Clearly not all of the applicants can go through to the televised national final stage, so the next step was to cut down on the acts. A total of 198 acts have continued through to the next stage, and these acts were selected by the Head of Delegation, Christoph Pellander as well as Digame representatives Thomas Niedermeyer and Werner Klötsch and other members of the broadcaster NDR.

The next stage will see the 198 acts reduced once again, this time to just 50. A special Eurovision jury will be in charge of choosing these 50 acts, and the jury is formed by 100 people who were selected through an online search. From there, a second international jury will cut down the list again to just 20 acts.

Although choosing an artist is important, the song is just as important. The search for the songs will begin in October once the final list of artists has been determined. During November, there will be song writing workshops to help create and finalise the potential Eurovision entries.

You can listen to the competing entries from the 2018 German national final on our Spotify!