Bulgaria confirms withdrawal from Eurovision 2019

Over the last few days, there has been some confusion regarding the status of Bulgaria at Eurovision. The nation had originally confirmed their participation at next year’s contest, however news from the Bulgarian broadcaster has confirmed that in fact we won’t be seeing them at next year’s contest in Tel Aviv.

The Bulgarian broadcaster BNT officially released a statement on the 15th of October which cited financial difficulties as the reason for their withdrawal. Read the full statement below:

‘OFFICIAL STATEMENT | 15 OCTOBER | Sofia, Bulgaria. We are sad to announce that Bulgaria withdraws from #Eurovision. The decision is based on financial reasons because the costs of the project far exceed the financial capacity of BNT according to the Management of the broadcaster’

Over the last few days, there were suspicions that this could be the case, with BNT also tweeting a series of vague messages which hinted at either a change of delegation team, or a withdrawal. These tweets have now been removed from their twitter, however additionally, a member of the 2018 representative act Equinox had also tweeted to confirm their withdrawal.

Since the nation returned to the contest in 2016, they have achieved their best results in the contest. Starting with Poli Genova who achieved 4th place with her song If Love Was a Crime, their best result to that point. The following year, Kristian Kostov helped the nation achieve 2nd place which is still their best result. This year, Equinox represented Bulgaria with the song Bones and finished in 14th place.


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