Kobi Marimi will represent Israel in Tel Aviv!

Last night the final show of Israel’s national selection, HaKokhav HaBa (Rising Star) took place, where the final four contestants battled it out to become the next rising star for Israel.

Over the last few months, the latest season of Rising Star has been consistently progressing, with the final stage of the competition to feature four artists. Here are the four finalists:

  • Shefita
  • Ketreyah
  • Maya Bouskila
  • Kobi Marimi

In the final show, there were three rounds, the first which was a set of two duels. Shefita battled against Ketreyah while Maya competed against Kobi. The voting was split between the judges who had a total of 15% of the vote, while the remainder of the vote was up to the audience. From this round, Kobi and Ketreyah continued to the next round.

The second stage was a choice between the bottom two, Maya and Shefita. In an audience vote, Shefita was saved and she moved onto the next round.

In the final stage of the competition, the audience had 50% of the vote (including the public at home) and 50% went to the judge and expert vote. The three remaining acts performed a cover of their choice, and after their performances it was revealed that Kobi would represent Israel on home soil.

The song that Kobi will perform will be revealed at a later date, but you can watch some of his performances below: