2019 Eurovision Reviews – Denmark

Denmark were a consistent qualifier for many years of their recent history, and the nation even won the contest in 2013, however two non-qualifications in recent years seems to have shaken their confidence. Last year Denmark built back up to a Top 10 finish, however could they be back on rocky ground with their selection this year? The pressure is on for Leonora and her song Love Is Forever!

Song + Vocals

I would argue that out of the Scandinavian national selections this year, Denmark provided one of the most underwhelming selections in terms of the competing songs. There wasn’t a stand out winner, and certainly none of the competing entries seemed as if they could go on and win the Eurovision Song Contest. From the mediocre selection, it was decided that Leonora would represent Denmark with the cutesy song, Love is Forever.

This song has been on a rollercoaster in my personal rankings. My first impression of the song was that it was cute but not competitive. A few more listens, and it was starting to get into my head, and I could appreciate its optimistic message. A few more listens and it’s starting to get a bit old. Now, I seem to be at the point where I will just automatically press the skip button. That’s not to say that the rollercoaster will begin again, and I’ll start to enjoy this again.

The big positives of this entry for me is first and foremost the melody, both in the verses and chorus. It’s simple, but effective, and after only listening to the song a few times, it was already in my head, especially the chorus. I do also really enjoy Leonora’s tone of voice, however in the song as a whole, it can feel a bit two dimensional. I will say I do also enjoy the range of languages in this song, and had it been completely in English, it would have been too repetitive.

This is an inoffensive cutesy pop song with an uplifting message, and when it comes to Eurovision, it will appeal to a lot of people based on that alone. But is ‘nice’ enough? I just can’t see this as a competitive entry, and if it does qualify to the final, I can’t imagine it overpowering the big players of this year.

Act + Performance

The song might not be a stand out from the line-up, but I would say that the stage performance has the ability to really make or break this entry. The national final staging had some good elements, but overall just wouldn’t be strong enough for Eurovision. I’m all for an oversized prop, but overall the performance was stiff and awkward.

Leonora comes across as a genuine person, but not as a confident performer and although there’s nothing wrong with her vocal performance, she seems quite awkward in the presence of television cameras. I would say that a better connection needs to be made with the cameras for the audience at home to feel more at ease watching her perform. I wouldn’t be mad if they kept the oversized chair, however the more important thing for me as a viewer would be to see her loosen up on stage.


This is a nice song, but for me, that’s all. I don’t see this as a top competitor, nor do I think it will come close to reaching the 9th place achieved by Rasmussen last year. Will it reach the final? Remains to be seen, and I wouldn’t be surprised either way.



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