2019 Junior Eurovision Reviews – North Macedonia

North Macedonia have had a lengthy history at Junior Eurovision, but it hasn’t been the most successful. Their best result to date was 5th place, which was achieved in 2007 and 2008, but since then, the nation has found themselves somewhere in the middle of the results table. Interestingly, North Macedonia has finished in 12th place a total of 8 times at Junior Eurovision, including the last three entries. Will Mila Moskov be able to break the 12th place pattern with her song Fire?

Song + Vocals

North Macedonia were the last to reveal their entry this year, and I can safely say they were saving one of the best until last. Since 2016, North Macedonia really stepped up their entries at Junior Eurovision. The songs were more modern and more in line with what we now expect from the contest, but none really match up to what they are offering this year. Here I was thinking their entry from 2018 was their best – well, there’s a new winner in town.

From the first verse, we can hear the progression in the song, and it’s easy to recognise that it is going to grow into something much more epic. The first chorus although it has that intensity compared to the verses, it still has some restraint which leaves the song room to grow in that final minute where all the big notes sound even more impressive. The song feels incredibly authentic and full of passion, and if that comes across in the live performance, watch out because North Macedonia is coming for a win.

There are few flaws in this song, if any, and I would go as far as saying that this is not just one of their best Junior Eurovision entries, but it exceeds the quality of some of their Eurovision entries. The use of both English and Macedonian is seamless, and the English doesn’t feel forced. It all adds to the memorability of this song, and even after one listen, the chorus will stick with you.

Act + Performance

We haven’t yet heard this song performed live, and with the song being as epic as it is, it really needs a spectacular vocal performance to bring it to life. I’ve dug deep into YouTube to find Mila performing live, and vocally she is very competent. The broadcaster has really found a gem in Mila. She also looks comfortable on stage, so provided that they don’t try too much with the staging, I would say that North Macedonia won’t be finishing in 12th place this year.

For the stage show, I would hope that they keep a similar vibe to the music video. It feels so unlike any of the entries this year, and I think it comes down to the fact that this song doesn’t need Mila in a big ball gown to make it feel spectacular. With a song title like Fire, I would expect some effects used on stage to create the atmosphere, but I hope they are used with restraint. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!


It will be a criminal offence for this to finish in 12th place. This is easily Top 5 material, and potentially a dark horse for the win. Based on the song alone, it’s certainly deserving of a win, but I think it will come down to how they choose to stage it, and whether Mila vocally impresses on the night. Well played, North Macedonia, well played.



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