Go_A to sing ‘Shum’ at Eurovision 2021

Due to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, selected artists for Ukraine, Go_A did not get to participate at the contest with their selected song, Solovey. With that in mind, Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC announced that Go_A would be representing Ukraine at Eurovision 2021, with the song to be selected internally.

There were three songs in the running to represent Ukraine at Eurovision, with a jury ultimately deciding on the winning song. The jury consisted of Jamala (Eurovision 2016 winner), Eugene Filatov, Ruslan Kvinta, and two board members of the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC, Yaroslav, Lodygin and Dmytro Khorkin.

The three songs in the running were:

  • Shum (Noise)
  • Rano (Early)
  • Tserkovka (Church)

The winning song was Shum, and while there is already a music video released for the song, the Ukrainian broadcaster announced that there will be a competition to create the video for the shortened version of the song. Shum was released late January, however the released version lasts for over 4 minutes, and will need to be shortened to 3 minutes to suit the Eurovision rules.

Watch the video below: