🇳🇴 Melodi Grand Prix: Frode Wins First Semi-Final

The first semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix has taken place, with the first finalist chosen. A total of four acts competed over a series of duels.

The competing duels were as follows:

  • Mira Craig – “We Still Here” v Eline Noelia – “Ecstasy”
  • Frode – “Black Flowers” v TrollfesT – “Dance Like a Pink Flamingo”

Eline Noelia and Frode advanced from the first duels, moving forward to a Gold Duel. From there, Frode booked a spot in the final. The remaining artists will compete in a second chance round on February 12th.

In each semi-final, one of the pre-qualified artists will perform their entry live for the first time. This week, Elsie Bay performed ‘Death of Us’.

Melodi Grand Prix continues next week with the next four semi-finalists.