🇵🇹 Portugal: Listen to the Festival da Canção Songs Now!

The songs in the running to represent Portugal are now out. Earlier in the season, broadcaster RTP announced the competing composers, with some choosing to interpret their own compositions. Other composers invited artists to interpret their songs.

The Portuguese selection kicks off on early in March. Here are the dates:

  • Saturday 5 March: Festival da Canção – Semi-Final 1
  • Monday 7 March: Festival da Canção – Semi-Final 2
  • Saturday 12 March: Festival da Canção – Grand Final

Five songs will qualify from each semi-final, leaving a total of 10 entries competing to fly the Portuguese flag in Turin. A mixture of jury and televote will decide the next Portuguese representative.

Here are the competing entries:

Semi-Final One – March 5
  • Aurea – “Why?”
  • Fado Bicha – “Povo pequenino” (Tiny people)
  • FF – “Como É Bom Esperar Alguém” (How good it is to wait for someone)
  • Diana Castro – “Ginger Ale”
  • Kumpania Algazarra – “A Minha Praia” (My beach)
  • Maro – “saudade, saudade” (Longing, longing)
  • Norton – “Hope”
  • TheMisterDriver – “Calisun” (public submission)
  • Os Quatro e Meia – “Amanhã” (Tomorrow) (public submission)
  • Valas & Os Astronautas – “Odisseia” (Odyssey)
Semi-Final Two – March 7
  • Milhanas – “Corpo de Mulher” (Body of a woman)
  • Blacci – “Mar No Fim” (Sea at the end)
  • Cubita – “Uma Mensagem Tua” (A message from you)
  • Pongo e Tristany – “DÉGRÁ.DÊ” (DEGRADED)
  • Jonas – “Ponas Soltas” (Loose ends)
  • Os Azeitonas – “Solta a Voz e Canta” (Raise your voice and sing)
  • Inês Homem de Melo – “Fome de Viagem” (Wanderlust) (public submission)
  • Pepperoni Passion – “Códgio 30” (Code 30) (public submission)
  • Vampiro Submarino – “Ao Lado de Mim” (By my side)
  • Syro – “Ainda nos Temos” (We still have)

You can listen to all of the songs here.