🇦🇲 Iveta Mukuchyan, Garik Papoyan and Karina Ignatyan to Host Junior Eurovision

Iveta Mukuchyan, Garik Papoyan and Karina Ignatyan will host this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, held in Yerevan.

This year’s Junior Eurovision hosts all have Eurovision connections. Iveta Mukuchyan is known in the Eurovision circle for having represented Armenia at Eurovision in 2016 with the song ‘LoveWave’. She finished 7th in the final.

Garik Popoyan first came to prominence as a member of the comedy show, 32 Atam Club. He featured in the comedy drama ‘Stone Cage’ and was a judge on Hay Superstar and The Voice of Armenia. Garik previously wrote two Armenian Eurovision entries, ‘Not Alone’ (2014) and ‘Walking Out’ (2019).

Karina Ignatyan is the youngest of the hosting trio, and fans will remember her as the Armenian Junior Eurovision representative of 2019. She performed ‘Colors of Your Dream’ which finished in 9th place.