Ann Sophie or Andreas Kummert? The German Result

Over in Germany, a very dramatic national final took place, where eight (or was it seven?) acts took to the stage to win the hearts and votes of the German public.

In the first round, the eight acts presented one song each. These were:

  • Mrs. Greenbird: Shine, Shine, Shine

  • Alexa Feser: Glück

  • Faun: Hörst du die Trommeln

  • Noize Generation: Song For You

  • Ann Sophie: Jump The Gun

  • Fahrenhaidt: Frozen Silence

  • Laing: Zeig Deine Muskeln

  • Andreas Kümmert: Home Is In My Hands

Four of these entries qualified to the next round: Alexa Fraser, Ann Sophie, Laing and Andreas Kummert. The next round featured these artists once again, however in this round, they presented another song.

  • Alexa Feser: Das Gold von morgen

  • Ann Sophie: Black Smoke

  • Laing: Wechselt die Beleuchtung

  • Andreas Kümmert: Heart Of Stone

Now this is where the drama sets in… The German public voted for Andreas Kummert, and for any normal national final, this would have meant that Andreas would sing on the Eurovision stage. HOWEVER, Andreas actually declined the opportunity to sing at Eurovision, stating that he was not ready to face an international audience. This means that the opportunity was handed down to the second place, which was Ann Sophie.

There has been discussion as to whether this situation could have been avoided, as many believe that it was unfair for other artists who genuinely wanted to win, who were deprived of the opportunity due to Kummert’s qualification not only into the actual final, but also into the second round. Nevertheless, Ann Sophie was happy to accept the offer, and she will be representing Germany with the song Black Smoke, which you can listen to below.

What do you think of the German song?