Loïc Nottet presents his Eurovision entry!

Months ago, we learnt that Belgium would be sending the 18 year old Loïc Nottet to Eurovision. Last night, we first got to hear a 30 second snippet of the song, but now we can both listen to the complete song, and watch the video for his Eurovision entry called ‘Rhythm Inside.’

Nottet’s record company, Sony Music Entertainment said that their objective was to ‘choose a song that definitely does not sound like a typical Eurovision Song Contest song’ – and that they have achieved. The song has been described as being similar to the style of Lorde, which is a more modern style which Eurovision has seen only in recent years.

The Belgian participant, although only young, has had experience singing through the television program, The Voice, where he came second. In an interview with Eurovision.tv, the young star says he has been working very hard to make this song a success, and will continue to work hard to do his best for the nation.

Here, you can watch his video and listen to his song, Rhythm Inside:


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