The Makemakes to Defend the Eurovision title

On Sunday night, the Austrian national final took place, where six acts competed in order to win the right to represent Austria on home ground. The six acts were as follows:

  • Folkshilfe – Who You Are – 14 points

  • Zoe – Quel Filou – 18 points

  • DAWA – Feel Alive – 18 points

  • Celina Ann – Utopia – 10 points

  • Johann Sebastian Bass – Absolutio – 12 points

  • The Makemakes – I Am Yours – 24 points

The voting was a 50/50 jury and public vote, leading to the points’ distribution as stated above. As such, The Makemakes and DAWA progressed to the super final, where televoters had 100% of the votes.

After the second round of voting, it was decided that The Makemakes would represent Austria at Eurovision 2015 with the song I am Yours. At the start of the show, the performers all came together to sing last years’ winning song ‘Rise like a Phoenix’. They also performed ‘Merci Cherie’, which was the first winning song for Austria. It also acted as a tribute, as the singer Udo Jurgens passed away only recently. Conchita Wurst also made an appearance, singing her new single Unstoppable.

You can watch the Makemakes performance here:


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