2015 Reviews – Finland – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Aina mun Pitää

This year, the Finnish public decided on a somewhat controversial act. The punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät comprises of band members with various mental handicaps, and their music is often inspired by the simple struggles they face in everyday life. It has been questioned as to whether the band was voted as the Finnish representative out of pity, but I truly think we need to put our preconceptions behind us and just appreciate the song as a song, and judge it fairly.

So with that out of the way, let’s look at the song. Firstly, we notice that it’s significantly shorter than the 3 minute time limit, reaching only 1:40. I personally cannot think of a time where a Eurovision song has been this short (I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong!), so I’m really unsure of how this will impact on their results. It’s almost like you blink, and it’s over! For the traditional pop lovers, they won’t mind missing the song, as it’s definitely not pop, but rather, a simple punk song heavy on guitars and vocals.

I personally enjoy this song. I’m really inspired by the band, and I really do wish them well in Eurovision. I’m always really excited by the prospect of new musical genres in Eurovision, so I can’t wait to see what happens! With all that in mind, I’m going to give it a 6.5/10.

You can listen to the song here:

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