2015 Reviews – F.Y.R Macedonia – Daniel Kajmakoski – Autumn Leaves

F.Y.R Macedonia was one of the first countries to select their song for the 2015 edition of Eurovision, so fans have had plenty of time to decide whether they like or dislike the song. Unfortunately for F.Y.R Macedonia, this review would have been significantly more positive if they had simply revamped the national language version, rather than switch over to English. Nevertheless, we have to push on, and take what we have.

From the national final, I really enjoyed the song, and it stayed consistently in my top 10 songs, up until the English version was released. I really enjoyed the melody of the song, and I really like Daniel’s tone of voice. Even the backing music was significantly better in the previous version. The new Eurovision version is just so flat, whereas the older version was a bit more punchy, and easy to tap your toes to.

In my honest opinion, I think the change has sabotaged their chances of qualifying. I think the only way it could gain enough points to scrape through to the final is if they stage this correctly. Judging by previous performances, F.Y.R Macedonia seem to like overdoing it, and what I think Daniel needs is an intimate performance, giving the same feel that Soluna Samay did in 2012, and The Common Linnets did in 2014.

I’m really conflicted with my rating for this. The previous version would have been an easy 8/10 for me, but I really have to reduce that due to the sub-par revamp. I’m sorry F.Y.R Macedonia. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As such, I’m going to (somewhat reluctantly) give this a 5.5/10 – I wish it could have been more.

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