Best of the Bunch: Malta

This week, we look back to the small island of Malta, who have had very mixed results since their debut in 1971. Their best results were in 2002 and 2005, with Ira Losco and Chiara respectively, both reaching 2nd place. Although these are their best results, let’s look back on the last 10 years, and you can decide which song is the best of the bunch!

First, let’s take it back to 2006. Enthusiastic performer, Fabrizio Faniello performed the song I Do. He automatically qualified to the final due to their result in the previous year, however scored a dismal 1 point in the final.

In 2007, Malta decided that Olivia Lewis would represent the nation with the song Vertigo. Unfortunately, the song also failed to make an impact, ending up in 25th place in the semi-final.

Hoping to better their results of the previous years, Morena took to the stage in Belgrade, 2008 with the upbeat song Vodka. Europe unfortunately didn’t fall in love with the song, leaving it in the semi-final at 14th place.

In 2009, Malta sent their Eurovision queen, Chiara, who had come back for her third appearance in Eurovision. Chiara placed 3rd in 1998, 2nd in 2005, and was hoping to continue her way up to 1st place, with the song What if we. It was not to be, however Chiara brought Malta back to the final, ending in 22nd place.

In the following year, Malta sent another slow song, this time sung by Thea Garrett. Even backed by a guy painted silver, with a pair of bird wings, the song didn’t have enough impact to qualify to the final, reaching 12th in the semi-final.

In 2010, the nation looked towards pop as their saviour. Glen Vella took to the stage to enthusiastically sing One Life. But again, Malta didn’t make enough of an impact on Europe, however slightly improved from their results of the previous year, reaching 11th place with 54 points in the semi-final.

Malta broke their curse with Kurt Calleja, singing the song This is the Night. Kurt’s shuffling in the chorus gave audience something to try to dance along to, and the easy to sing chorus proved to be more of a winning formula for the country, who qualified into the final, ending up in 21st place.

Now to inarguably the most happy song Malta has ever sent – Gianluca Bezzina smiled his way to Europe’s favourite song contest with the song Tomorrow. The part doctor, part singer dazzled with his cute song, and ended up in 8th place in the final, which is their best result since 2006.

As a change of pace, Malta sent a folk inspired song called Coming Home, sung by the group Firelight. The popularity of the song dramatically grew in the lead up to the contest, and was performed very well on the night, giving off Mumford and Sons vibes. The song did qualify into the final, however ended in 23rd place.

This leads us to the 2015 song and participant. You may recognise her as the backing singer in Kurt Calleja’s performance in 2011 – it’s Amber! This year, she heads to the Eurovision stage as the leading star, singing the song Warrior. Is this Malta’s best song?

Now it’s your turn to vote!