Artist Profiles: Benjamin Ingrosso

Benjamin Ingrosso competed at Eurovision back in 2018 with the song ‘Dance You Off’, which gave Sweden yet another Top 10 result. What has he been up to since? There’s a lot to catch up on, so let’s get into it!

Who is Benjamin Ingrosso?

Benjamin Ingrosso is a Swedish singer and songwriter with Italian descent. He comes from a talented family – his mother, Pernilla Wahlgren is a singer and actress, and his father is a dancer, composer and restaurant owner. Benjamin’s sister, Bianca Ingrosso is an influencer and singer, and his brother Oscar Ingrosso is a DJ, music producer and actor.

It doesn’t stop there, with his cousin, Sebastian Ingrosso a famous DJ and producer from the group Swedish House Mafia. His grandparents were also involved in the acting industry.

The Journey to Eurovision

Benjamin was involved with the entertainment industry from an early age, having acted in a number of musicals such as Nils Karlsson Pyssling. In 2006, he competed in Lilla Melodifestivalen, the children’s version of Melodifestivalen. He won the competition with the song ‘Hej, Sofia!’. As a result of his Lilla Melodifestivalen win, he went on to represent Sweden in the MGP Nordic contest, where he placed fourth.

In 2007, Benjamin released a cover of ‘Jag är en astronaut’, a song that his uncle Linus Wahlgren had recorded and performed back in 1985. Benjamin’s version of the song peaked at number 2 on the Swedish singles chart.

In the same year, he participated at Allsång på Skansen alongside his mother, Pernilla Wahlgren. During 2008 and 2009, he acted in the musical ‘Hujeda mej vá många sånger’. His musical theatre journey continued until 2014, where he chose to pursue music and songwriting.

In 2014, he participated in the celebrity dancing series, Let’s Dance. In 2016, he released his first single titled ‘Fall In Love’. He later signed a record deal with TEN Music Group. In the same year, he also began filming a TV series with his mother titled ‘Wahlgrens värld’, a reality series about the family. In 2016, he released the song ‘Love You Again’.

In 2017, Benjamin competed in Melodifestivalen with the song ‘Good Lovin’ which went on to place 5th in the final. During 2017, Benjamin released two additional singles titled ‘Do You Think About Me’ and ‘One More Time’.

The following year, he returned with the song ‘Dance You Off’. He qualified to the Melodifestivalen final, and went on to win the competition. He represented Sweden at Eurovision, and finished 7th in the final.

What Happened Next?

Other than his Eurovision entry, Benjamin released three new singles in 2018. The first was titled ‘Tror du att han bryr sig’ which was a collaboration with fellow Melodifestivalen participant, Felix Sandman. The song was a Swedish language cover of his previous single, ‘Do You Think About Me’.

In the same year, he released the singles ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ and ‘Behave’. These singles were part of his debut album, ‘Identification’.

In 2019, Benjamin released a cover of the song ‘All Night Long’ originally performed by Lionel Richie. The song reached number 5 on the Swedish charts, and was classified platinum in Sweden, and gold in Norway.

He collaborated with Felix Sandman once again on the song ‘Happy Thoughts’. Also in 2019, he released the single, ‘Costa Rica’.

2020 saw the release of two new singles, ‘The Dirt’ and ‘Shampoo’. In the same year, he participated on the show Så mycket bättre which is a reality show based on singers performing cover songs.

In 2021, Benjamin released two new albums, Parts 1 and 2 of ‘En gång i tiden’. The lead single of Part 1 of the album was ‘Flickan på min gata’ which charted at number 9. ‘Allt det vackra’ was released of Part 2 of the album as a single.

Other than from his albums, he also released ‘VHS’ as a single alongside Cherrie, and ‘Smile’ which peaked at number 11 on the charts.

Benjamin is also the main star of the entertainment program ‘Benjamin’s’ which sees him holding dinner parties with fellow famous faces.