2015 Reviews – Romania – Voltaj – De la Capat/All Over Again

Now to Romania, who chose popular band Voltaj as their representatives for Eurovision in the 60th anniversary year. The song, De la Capat references a social issue facing Romanians, namely, parents working in other countries, leaving their children behind, although for good intentions.

Before writing this review, I hadn’t really listened to the song as much as some of the others. I do like the song, especially the chorus. Even if you don’t sing along with the words, the melody is quite catchy, at least to my ear. I think the choice to go with English and Romanian was a good choice, as it keeps the integrity of the song whilst in Romanian, and then shares the message in English.

As for the stage performance, I can’t see it straying far from what it was at the national final. As a band, singing a song with a message, they wouldn’t want to overcomplicate the performance as it would take from the seriousness of the song. The live vocals are also on par with the studio version, or at least, close enough.

I actually can’t pick how this will go at Eurovision. If it does qualify for the final, I’d expect it to end up in middle to bottom as it will get lost in between arguably better ballads. As such, I’m going to give the song a 5.5/10, as it’s a tiny bit above average for me.

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