2015 Reviews – Israel – Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy

Israel has put their hopes in the youngster, Nadav Guedj. Even though he’s young, we definitely can’t underestimate his ability. The song Golden Boy is upbeat and ethnic, it’s easy to dance and sing along to, and this will definitely be a hit.

At first, I wasn’t sure about this song, but I was easily hooked. The energy that Nadav has is incredible, and his voice is ridiculously good for his age. It’s good that the song doesn’t stay in the slow tempo that’s used at the start, and the transition from ballad to upbeat pop song is very smooth. I can really see this song blitzing the rest, just due to its enthusiasm and catchiness.

The song demands a big, glitzy performance with a lot of dancing. Nadav himself has danced throughout the song in previous live performances of the song, but I wonder if he will have a specific routine, or whether it will be more of a casual performance like previous ones.

I really think this song could pull in so many unexpected votes, and I really don’t want to underestimate it. It has grown on me immensely, and I now consider it one of my favourites. For Nadav, the king of fun, I’m going to give an 8.5/10.

I’ve gotta go, 3 minutes…. Bye bye!

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