Holiday Tales and Top Tunes

As some of you may know, things slowed right down on Eurovision Union, and that’s because I took time out for a well-deserved vacation! Well, it wasn’t that simple, I spent half of that time studying in a gorgeous Italian city called Udine. While I was there, I got a chance to listen to what was popular on Italy’s music charts, and they have some amazing summer party tracks, and some slower ballads which will blow your socks off.

Also while I spent time in Italy, I had the chance to see (and meet) Eurovision’s participants from 2015, and winners of Sanremo 2015, Il Volo.

Trieste il volo
Meeting 2/3 of Il Volo in Trieste!

I casually bumped into them at a café hours before their show in Trieste, and was lucky to take a photo with two of the three members. Major fan girl moment! Not only did I meet Il Volo, and see them in concert, but I also was lucky enough to meet another famous Italian artist – Moreno!


The rapper came to fame on a television talent show and has since also participated in Sanremo – this year he participated with a song called Oggi Ti Parlo Cosi, which he also sang in his set at Palmanova. I was lucky to find him sneaking into a back entrance, and used the ‘I’m an Australian, please take a photo with me’ line to score a photo – and for once I felt tall, as he is only a couple of centimetres taller than me! Nevertheless, he sung all the tunes I knew, with my favourites being Prova Microfono and L’interrutore Generale which he sings with Antonio Maggio (I wish I met him too!)

So with that said, let me share with you some of my favourite songs from my trip away! Some of these songs are new releases, but I have also listed some oldies which got played to death on my ipod!

1. Marco Mengoni – Io Ti Aspetto

This song is hands down the catchiest song of the list. I could have listened to this dance-pop track by former Eurovision participant Marco Mengoni all day, every day. With the other two songs released from his new album a lot slower, this one is the complete opposite, and it’s incredibly hard not to sing or dance along with this song!

2. Annalisa – Una finestra tra le stelle

Annalisa is a singer I had heard bits and pieces of, and enjoyed her music, but after purchasing and listening to her new album, I can safely say she is one of my favourite Italian singers, and probably my favourite Italian female vocalist. This song was her single at the time I was there, but her whole album is just fantastic.

3. Chiara – Straordinario

I didn’t hear this song until right at the end of my trip, which is a shame, but nevertheless, this is a cracker of a song. The chorus gets me every time. The video clip is adorable too, which is a bonus! I found that this song got in my head a lot, and I will definitely need to explore more of Chiara’s music!

4. J-ax ft Cile – Maria Salvador

This song was absolutely played to death. If I didn’t hear this song at least 3 times a day then something wasn’t right. Even though it was played a lot, I never complained because this song is so catchy. The rap part is quite educational too, might teach you some italian words! You can’t go past the chorus though, it will probably be stuck in your head for days!

5. Moreno – Prova Microfono

This song has a special place in my heart now knowing that I got to see Moreno – and meet him! This is such a toe tapper, and out of his album, I definitely think this is one of his best, however he does some awesome collaborations on his album. I was lucky to hear him freestyle rap, and wow the guy is talented. Despite only knowing bits of what he was saying (unfortunately I have limited Italian, and naturally rap is quite fast), I thoroughly listening to his freestyle, and could tell he was a bit of a comedian while rapping.

6. Luigi Tenco – Mi sono inammorato di te

This song is definitely not a new release, however I was introduced to this song while I was studying at the University of Udine. Our teacher really seemed to appreciate the value of Italian karaoke, so throughout the course, we learnt a bunch of songs including this one. This song is so breathtaking. It’s not long, it’s not complicated but it’s just one of those classics that doesn’t age.

7. Dear Jack – Domani e un altro film

I had Dear Jack’s first album for ages and ages, and for some reason, only started to pay attention to this song while actually in Italy. Now, this has to be one of my favourite Italian songs. It’s quite ‘teen pop cliché’, which I’m not always a huge fan of, but this song is worth a listen if you like boybands, nice hair or pop-rock.

8. Raphael Gualazzi – Un Mare in Luce

Ah, Raphael Gualazzi. Hands down one of my favourite artists in the sense that there are no songs of his that I don’t like. It was difficult to choose just one song that I liked, but this song I chose as before leaving I barely listened to it, however constantly being surrounded by the sea, and just nature in general, it felt natural to listen to this song. I wish Raphael had concerts when I was there, it would have been a dream come true.

9. Antonio Maggio – Stanco

This catchy tune by Antonio Maggio sums up my entire trip. Stanco, which translates to ‘tired’ is so on point I just had to add it to the list. However I was disappointed that I could not seem to track down his CD while I was in Italy – my family had never even heard of him! His voice is quite different but after listening to his songs for so long, you don’t seem to notice. Nothing wrong with a mid-song rap either, you go Clementino!

10. Moda – Tappeto Di Fragole

The first ever Italian CD I owned, as a 15 or 16 year old was Moda’s Viva I Romantici, and it’s had quite a few listens over the years. Tappeto di Fragole is my favourite from the album, however I will admit I have no idea what it is about! There was one night where I woke up to this song on repeat on my ipod, but I didn’t complain at all!

This list could go on forever – I didn’t even mention Rocco Hunt, or Negramaro, or Fedez… seriously, I could go on forever!