2015 JESC Reviews – Russia – Mikhail Smirnov – Mechta

This year, Russia held a national final, where the young Mikhail Smirnov triumphed against all with his song Mechta (Dream). I will admit, the first time I listened to this song was for this review, which says something. There was something about this entry that I was really uninterested in, and my initial reservations turned out to be true, because I’m not a fan of this song.

The song is relatively slow, although I’m not really sure if we can call it a ballad. Nevertheless, I find that it doesn’t really move anywhere, it doesn’t go anywhere special. The song does seem very outdated, and against the modern songs coming from other countries this year, I don’t think this has a chance of winning. The newest version was created to try modernise the song but I don’t think even the synth could save this one.

His vocals are good live, but let’s hope he doesn’t have issues with his voice cracking like former JESC participants! I think they will go spectacular with the staging, but again, I’m not sure it will be enough to push it to a top 5 place.

Overall, I’m not a fan of this song, and I don’t really have a desire to listen to this in my own time again, unlike a number of the other songs this year. I’m going to give it a 4/10.