San Marino: Artist and Song ready and Presented

San Marino, true to tradition, have chosen to internally select an artist. Last year, SMRTV stole from the pool of Junior Eurovision singers, and this year, they’ve gone abroad. The process began months ago, where the broadcaster was receiving emails from singers and composers and amongst all the potential artists, the broadcaster has chosen Turkish born Serhat to represent the nation this year.

Serhat although born in Turkey, has become an artist representing Europe. He has had a German education, and has connections with France, Germany and Greece, reaching success in these countries and many more. He is also not only a singer, but a television presenter as well, making him a great choice to be able to deal with the pressures of the contest.

Only a few days ago, Serhat presented his song and video during a press conference in Paris. The entry is called I Didn’t Know, and has a multinational team behind the song. The composer of the song is Olcayto Ahmet Tugzuz from Turkey, and the lyricist is Nektarios Tyrakis from Greece, who have both had previous Eurovision experiences.

In addition to the English version to be sung at Eurovision, there are French and Italian versions of the songs, and there will be a number of remixes to be released.

Listen to the song down below, and make sure to tell us what you think! If you love it, make sure to vote for it in our poll, which you can find here

UPDATE! We now know that Serhat will be taking the… wait for it…. DISCO version of I Didn’t Know to Eurovision! We’re not too sure whether to be excited or not, but considering the original version (with the monocle) has been taken off the Eurovision official YouTube page, we have now attached the new (and improved??) version of the song!