Sanja says ‘Goodbye’ for Serbia

This year, Serbia decided that they would select their song and artist internally. The artist they decided on is Sanja Vučić ZAA, and the song is titled Goodbye (Shelter). But who is Sanja?

Sanja is a 23 year old artist from Kruševac, Serbia. Since childhood, it was clear that she had an interest for music, and completed both primary and secondary education at a music school, with a focus on Opera singing, however, would sing in various ensembles of ranging musical styles. She has had experience in ethno music, performed with a jazz orchestra as well as a church choir. ZAA is a band in which Sanja is a part of, and as a band, has done more than 100 concerts. The band has also had an album released, titled ‘What About.’

During a show called Serbia’s Song For Europe, Sanja was introduced to audiences, and her song Goodbye was presented. The song was written by Ivana Peters, and was written in both English, and in native language, titled Iza Osmeha. It has already been decided however that it is the English version that we will hear on stage in Stockholm in May.

The writer of the song talks about the song, saying, ‘Violence in any form is unacceptable for me. This song is about destructive love, which turns into a psychological and physical violence at some point. I would like people to recognise it and to start to talk about it. They should not close their eyes. They should react and do something’

Sanja has also commented on the support she has received on her Eurovision journey thus far, ‘First of all, I’m so thankful for the amazing support in this journey I received so far. I really hope you are going to like our song, and that you will recognise that deeply moving emotion we are trying to express through it’

To listen to the song, click the video down below. If you think Sanja could bring the contest back to Serbia, make sure you show your support by voting for her in our poll, which you can find here.