The Public chooses ‘Midnight Gold’ For Georgia!

This year, the Georgian public broadcaster internally selected the alternative band Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz, and a call was put out for songs, which could be submitted to the broadcaster. After the submission period ended, GPB chose 5 songs in which they thought would suit the band’s alternative style.

The five songs that were on show for the public and jury to pick from were:

  • Sugar And Milk – written by Gia Iashvili

  • Midnight Gold – written by Kote Kalandadze

  • Right Of Wrong – written by Sandro Sulakvelidze

  • Pain In My Heart – written by Giorgi Sikharulidze

  • Weagree – written by Nika Kocharov and Vazha Marri

The result was made by an international jury and the public. The public had just over a week to submit their votes. Alongside the public vote was a jury which consisted of prominent Eurovision personalities, including Christer Bjorkman.

The results revealed that Midnight Gold won by majority, receiving the most televotes, and the second highest jury vote.

The song has been re-recorded in Berlin at the Red Bull Studies, and the official video has been released, which you can watch down below:

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