2016 Reviews – Poland – Michał Szpak – Color Of Your Life

Despite Margaret being the clear favourite in the Polish national final, Michał Szpak dazzled audiences on the night with his song Color of Your Life. The upbeat ballad has had some mixed reactions since it was chosen, and there was even a petition for Margaret to go to Eurovision even though she didn’t win! Away from the Polish craziness, let’s look at the song…

At first, I thought this song was an absolute mistake of a choice by the Polish public. Margaret did have a very catchy, modern song, but instead, this quite outdated ballad was chosen. I kinda forgot about it after that first time listening to it. It just didn’t catch my fancy at all, however things are starting to change. By no means is this my favourite song, but there are some things I’m really starting to appreciate about the song.

First of all, Michał undoubtedly has better live vocals than Margaret did in the national finals. Michal has a lot more power in his voice, and can reach every note, low or high, in his song. Even in the key change, there is no hesitation in his voice – he absolutely nails every moment of that song. That vocal performance has been proved in his performances at pre-parties, where he nails the song time and time again.

For me, this song is completely about the voice, which really begins impressing after the first verse. I think the song starts very averagely, but when the chorus hits, you get that anthemic, easy to sing along to chorus. This song has some of the drama that Romania’s Ovidiu has, but it’s not over the top but yet still as epic.

Michał’s stage presence is really great, and I think that this paired with a really great stage performance could be the surprise of the night. Being a part of the second semi-final is really to his advantage, and I think if this was going to qualify, it would be a more deserving qualifier than last year’s entry. This song has a lot of support behind it, and although it is by no means the best of the best in this year’s contest, I can begin to see what potential this has in the contest.

As cheesy as the lyrics are of this song, and as generic the backing music is, there is something I’m beginning to really enjoy about this song. I think Michał’s voice and personality will shine on stage in Stockholm, and I wouldn’t be mad at all to see this in the final. Saying that, I genuinely don’t know how this will go against the other songs, but only time will tell.

I’m going to give this a 6/10.

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