JESC: Lidia Ganeva to represent Bulgaria!

After the success of hosting Junior Eurovision last year, Bulgaria is back and has already chosen their act for 2016! The national broadcaster held a national final which consisted of three live shows, two semi-finals and a live final.

All the participants are listed below:

  1. Valentina Kuncheva

  2. Daniela Piryankova

  3. Dimitrina Germanova

  4. Valentina Nikova

  5. Lidia Ganeva

  6. Gergana Todorova

  7. Simona Krasteva

  8. Alexander Petrov

  9. Bozhena Varbanova

  10. Preslava Pertrova

  11. Elenora Dimitrova

  12. Nia Krusheva

  13. Group Bon-Bon

  14. Sesil Sabri

  15. Eleonora Ivanova

Only 5 acts remained in the final, and each act performed two songs, with one of them being in Bulgarian. In the final, there was a 50/50 televoting and jury split. It was announced at the end of the show that it would be Lidia Ganeva who will represent Bulgaria. The song that Lidia will sing at the contest will be released in the coming months. It will be written by a popular Bulgarian composer who is still to be announced.

The results of the final were:

  1. Lidia Ganeva

  2. Dimitrina Germanova

  3. Preslava Pertrova

  4. Bon-Bon

  5. Simona Krasteva

Who is Lidia Ganeva?

Lidia is from Plovidv and is 10 years old. She started singing at the young age of 6, and since then has won 22 first prizes in various competitions. When she was 7, she won an international contest called Golden Dolphins in Romania, and last year she won the Sofia Grand Prix Contest. Last year she was also part of the celebrations of the winning bid for Plovdiv for European Capital of Culture in 2019.

To listen to the incredible performance from Lidia, click here.