Antonio Maggio Releases Amore Pop!

The diehard fans of Sanremo Song Festival in Italy will remember Antonio Maggio for winning the Newcomers’ Section with the catchy, upbeat song called Mi Servirebbe Sapere. Previous to this, Antonio featured as part of the vocal group Aram Quartet who won the first edition of X factor in Italy back in 2008. After a few music releases, the band decided in 2010 to split up.

This marked the beginnings of Antonio Maggio’s solo career. He released his debut solo single, called Inconsolabile, and signed with the indie record label Rusty Records. With the song Nonostante tutto, he attempted to reach Sanremo in 2012, however failed to do so. A year later, he qualified for the newcomers section with the song Mi Servirebbe Sapere, which he then won.

The single peaked at number 7 on the FIMI Top Digital Downloads charts, and was given gold status. Maggio’s debut album, also called Nonostante Tutto was released by Universal Music Italy, and from there he released a number of singles including Nonostante Tutto itself, and Anche il tempo può aspettare.

Antonio has featured in a single by the rapper Moreno, called L’interruttore Generale (Canzone d’autore), as well as releasing songs including Santo Lunedi, Stanco and L’Equazione.

Now, Antonio Maggio has released a new single called Amore Pop. The single features his usual pop vibe that we have come to love. The relaxed feel of the verses is contrasted to the tension building pre-choruses, and reaches its peaks in the choruses. This song differs from many of his previous tracks, which are often more playful and spirited, with Stanco as a prime example of that. Amore Pop, however, has a mature feel about it which we’re enjoying, and hoping to hear more of very soon (cough cough, Antonio for Eurovision?).

Enjoy Amore Pop down below and make sure to tell us what you think!