Shir & Tim release official video for Follow My Heart!

Finally, the last of the Junior Eurovision songs has now been released, with Israel officially publishing their official video for Follow My Heart, sung by Shir and Tim.

As we reported earlier in the Junior Eurovision season, Shira Frieman and TimoTi Sannikov were selected to represent Israel as Shir and Tim. They were selected through a series of auditions of various stage schools and youth groups.

Shira is 13 years old, and attends school in Galilee. She enjoys the performing arts, and enjoys performing at family events. She also plays the saxophone, and loves dancing to jazz music. Tim is also 13 and originates from a city near Tel Aviv. He speaks Hebrew, French, Russian and English and can sing in no less than 8 different languages. He also plays piano and the organ, and like Shira, he enjoys the performing arts.

Watch the official video for Follow My Heart here: