Sanremo 2017: Big Section and Newcomers Revealed!

The 67th annual Sanremo Music Festival is set to take place between the 7th and 11th of February 2017, with a total of 5 shows. The show will take place at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, and it will be hosted by Carlo Conti, who is also the artistic director of the competition.

Here are the artists and songs of the Big Section, with approximate translations:

  • Al Bano – Di rose e di spine (Of Roses and Thorns)

  • Elodie – Tutta Colpa mia (All my fault)

  • Paola Tuchi – Fatti bella per te (Be beautiful for yourself)

  • Samuel Umberto Romano – Vedrai (You’ll see)

  • Fiorella Mannoia – Che sia Benedetta (Who is blessed)

  • Nesli ft. Alice Paba – Do retta a te (Pay attention to you)

  • Michele Bravi – Il Diario degli errori (The Diary of Mistakes)

  • Fabrizio Moro – Portami via (Take me away)

  • Giusy Ferreri – Fatalmente Male (Fatally bad)

  • Gigi D’Alessio – La Prima Stella (The First Star)

  • Raige ft. Giulia Luzi – Togliamoci la voglia (Let’s remove the desire)

  • Ron – L’ottava Meraviglia (The 8th Wonder)

  • Ermal Meta – Vietato Morire (Forbidden to Die)

  • Michele Zarrillo – Mani nelle mani (hand in hand)

  • Lodovica Comello – Il Cielo non mi basta (The sky is not enough for me)

  • Sergio Sylvestre – Con Te (With you)

  • Clementino – Ragazzi Fuori (Guys out)

  • Alessio Bernabei – Nel Mezzo di un Applauso (In the middle of an applause)

  • Chiara Galiazzo – Nessun posto è casa mia (No place like home)

  • Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma (Western Karma)

  • Bianca Atzei – Ora Esisti Solo tu (Now only you exist)

  • Marco Masini – Spostato di un secondo (Moved by one second)

And here is the list of the 8 Newcomers:

  • Valeria Farinacci – Insieme (Together)

  • Braschi – Nel Mare ci sono i coccodrilli (In the sea there are crocodiles)

  • Leonardo Lamacchia – Ció che resta (What remains)

  • Tommaso Pini – Cose che mettono ansia (Things that give anxiety)

  • Maldestro – Canzone per Federica (A song for Federica)

  • Marianne Mirage – Le canzoni fanno male (Songs hurt)

  • Lele – Ora Mai (Now never)

  • Francesco Guasti – Universo (Universe)

The last few years have seen the winners, or if not, participants of Sanremo Music Festival being selected to represent Italy at Eurovision, and as such, it is likely that the Eurovision 2017 lies within these acts. Who would you like to see represent Italy at Eurovision 2017?



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