64 Members of the Russian Army Choir Pass Away in Plane Crash

On the 25th of December, tragedy struck off the coast of Sochi in Russia, where a plane carrying 93 people, including 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble Choir crashed en route to Syria. The trip was to celebrate with troops deployed at a military base.

According to the investigators, there are no survivors from the crash. Russia has now held a day of mourning to commemorate the victims of the tragedy. The Alexandrov Ensemble Choir is the official choir of the Russian armed forces, and is one of two choirs that can use the title of the Red Army Choir. The group had a collection of over 2000 songs, and is a strong part of Russia’s cultural history. The choir, before this accident comprised of 186 people.

The choir performed as the interval act with the duo t.A.T.u at the 2009 contest which was held in Moscow, Russia. During the interval of the first-semi final, the choir and t.A.T.u performed Not Gonna Get Us, one of their biggest hits. The choir had actually expressed interest in representing Russia at the 2017 contest.

One of the choir’s lead singers fortunately had not boarded the place, as his wife had just given birth to their child. He has said that he stayed home with his child, and is now deeply shocked with what happened.

Reports have said that three news crew were on board as well, including a three-member crew from the EBU member broadcaster, Channel One Russia.

Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.