Eurovision Throwback: Tijana – To The Sky

Today’s throwback takes us back to Copenhagen, where Eurovision 2014 took place. We’re going to take a closer look at the entry from FYR Macedonia, which was the song To The Sky performed by Tijana. In 2014, we had a lot of favourites, but was this song one of them?

When this song was first released pre-contest, I have to say, I didn’t think it was all that bad. In the context of the former Macedonian songs, I think this was somewhat slightly better than some. The song is a catchy pop entry which has an easy melody to remember. It’s not the most modern pop song, but if the song is catchy enough, it will end up in the final regardless.

Where this song went wrong was the staging at Eurovision. I find the stage performance to be a bit disjointed, and certain stage angles just made her and her on stage team looking quite small – some of the same issues Israel had on such a big stage. The other issue is the costuming, which really just did nothing for me. I think she could have been either in a more tailored suit, or alternatively even a free flowing white or black dress with some small detailing but what she wore on stage just didn’t suit her at all. It seems trivial to comment on something as simple, but in Eurovision, every detail counts.

Another pet peeve is the choice to sing in English, but I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record. I’m almost always a fan of national language over English, and it is frustrating to see more than one non-English version of the song released, but yet English is what was sung at Eurovision. Even something like a mix of English and Macedonian would have given the song just an extra dimension.

Overall, I think this has to go in the average basket, with all the other average entries. It’s the type of song you might get caught up with during Eurovision period but as soon as the performance is over, you’re over it. It’s definitely not one of the most memorable entries, but certainly not the worst of 2014, or the worst of Eurovision in general.

I’m going to put it smack bang in the middle, and give it a 5/10.

Song Profile

Year: 2014

Artist: Tijana

Country: FYR Macedonia

Song: To the Sky

Final Ranking:  13th in the Semi-Final