Italy: Francesco Gabbani releases Eurovision version of Occidentali’s Karma!

Since Francesco Gabbani’s win of Italy’s Sanremo Song Festival, he has remained as a firm favourite to also take out Eurovision this year, however his song, Occidentali’s Karma needed to be cut down to fit to the strict 3 minute time limit as prescribed by the Eurovision rules.

The song has taken some significant cuts, so if you’re used to the original version, the cuts might seem a bit choppy. The first verse begins right away and was cut down, and the second verse essentially doesn’t exist anymore, meaning we get to miss out on the great terminology, ‘Internetology.’ It does mean though, we get all choruses, and we get the bridge which is one of the best building part of the song.

You’ll also notice that the song is remaining in Italian, with Francesco wanting to completely represent Italian music, rather than modifying the song to suit the European audience.

Listen to the song down below, and if you still think Italy has it in the bag, make sure to vote for Francesco in our Eurovision poll!