Grab your popcorn, France is going to the movies!

For many across Europe and the world, Eurovision is a show we fondly watch through our television screens. This year in France, Eurovision will be hitting the silver screens, specifically the Grand Final which France will be participating in as part of the Big 5.

The cinema experience came from the hope to revive the French interest in the competition, which was fuelled by Amir’s Top 10 placing in last year’s competition in Stockholm. Last year, 5 million people in France tuned in to the Grand Final, and this year, the French delegation are hoping to bring Eurovision back into the public eye.

Edoardo Grassi, the Head of Delegation for France said, ‘Last year our aim was to put the Eurovision Song Contest back on the public radar in France. It’s the biggest live show in the world and everyone deserves the chance to experience it as if they were there live in Kyiv. The cinematic experience allows those who cannot travel to have a live experience only a few miles from home. People will be able to bring their flags, tweet their reviews of the songs and vote from the comfort of their cinema seat!’

The screening is a collaboration with France Televisions and CGR Cinemas Group and Warner Music France. The tickets can booked through the official website.

What do you think about this idea?