The Running Order for the Eurovision Semi-Finals is Announced!

The running order of both semi-finals has now been announced by the host broadcaster UA:PBC. The order that the songs will be performed is decided by the producers of the show, which has been done since the 2013 contest. The reason behind allowing the producers decide the running order is to ensure that the contest is full of excitement, and each song stands out against one another. The running order has been approved by the EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand and the Chairman of the Reference Group, Dr. Frank Dieter Freiling.

Back in January, the Semi-Final Allocation draw took place, which determined which semi-final the countries would participate in, as well as determining which half of the semi-final. The German broadcaster requested that they broadcast and vote in the second semi-final, which was approved, as was the Swiss request to participate in the second semi-final.

Here is the running order of the first semi-final:

  1. Sweden

  2. Georgia

  3. Australia

  4. Albania

  5. Belgium

  6. Montenegro

  7. Finland

  8. Azerbaijan

  9. Portugal

  10. Greece

  11. Poland

  12. Moldova

  13. Iceland

  14. Czech Republic

  15. Cyprus

  16. Armenia

  17. Slovenia

  18. Latvia

Here is the running order for the second semi-final:

  1. Serbia

  2. Austria

  3. FYR Macedonia

  4. Malta

  5. Romania

  6. The Netherlands

  7. Hungary

  8. Denmark

  9. Ireland

  10. San Marino

  11. Croatia

  12. Norway

  13. Switzerland

  14. Belarus

  15. Bulgaria

  16. Lithuania

  17. Estonia

  18. Israel

Here is a recap featuring all 43 nations participating: