2017 Eurovision Review – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom seems to be cursed when it comes to Eurovision. Within recent years, aside from Jade Ewen in 2009, the UK really haven’t impressed at Eurovision – which is sometimes justified, and sometimes not. I felt like the UK were turning a page when it came to Molly in 2014, and then again with Joe and Jake last year, however even with credible songs, the nation still failed to break the top 10. Even this year, I was incredibly disappointed with how the BBC are approaching their national selection. I found that the songs chosen all sounded forced, and none of them actually reflected the incredible music that comes out of the UK outside of the Eurovision bubble.

Out of the six national finalists, I did grow to love Holly Brewer, and I think that would have been the only other viable option for Eurovision out of the 6 fairly dire songs. However saying that, Lucie Jones did stand out when the songs were released as really the only song that sounded not forced in the music and lyrics. What was the real breakthrough was the national final performance, and it became pretty clear that Lucie was the UK’s best chance at reaching a good result at Eurovision. Her vocals pushed this song further than the studio version offered, and that’s incredibly important at Eurovision being a live event. Ok yes, it’s a ballad, and some people might dismiss it on that alone, however this is a good ballad.

The revamp of the song was only very subtle, but it just made the song feel professional. Lucie’s vocals shine from the first moments of the song, and the revamp dimmed down the backing music to make sure that her vocals are the focal point of the performance. After the first chorus, the song builds nicely, but by that second chorus, I am left wanting more. Whether that is a strong strings section backing her, or something else, I think by that point of the song, they really needed more to just lift the song. When she reaches that climax note after the bridge, it does fall a bit flat, and it’s not her vocals, but the backing music which could have really elevated that last minute and made it something truly special.

As for the staging, I can anticipate something simple and classy, and that’s all this song needs. At the climax note towards the end, some waterfall pyrotechnics would look beautiful behind her, and perhaps it might fill the space left by the unexciting backing music.

Overall, I do enjoy this song, especially in the context of what the UK have sent in previous years. I do still believe the approach by the BBC is incorrect if they have genuine desires to do well in the contest, but for this specific song at the contest this year, I do think it has potential to improve on past results, but I just have a sinking feeling it still might not crack the top 10. If not, I do hope it at least gets out of the positions in the 20’s, because this song does deserve more.

I’m going to give this a 7/10. It’s enjoyable, but still not my most enjoyed.

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