Hello, Hi! Dolly Style Tackle Heartbreak in New Track

We didn’t get to see Dolly Style this year in Melodifestivalen, but they’re here with a new track to satisfy our bubblegum pop cravings. The trio first participated in Melodifestivalen in 2015 with the catchy number Hello Hi, which made it to Andra Chansen. Last year, they were back with Rollercoaster, which also sent them to the second chance round.

The new single is called Bye Bye Bby Boo, which differs from their usual upbeat style and delves into the radio-friendly pop world. The song sounds a bit more grown up, which potentially could be because of the changes in their line-up over the years. The characters Molly, Holly and Polly still remain, as does the essence of Dolly Style.

The video clip features all things colourful, sweet and cute, from unicorns to cupcakes. Set in ‘Dollywood,’ the overall production of the film clip is professional and depicts a more grown up Molly, Holly and Polly singing and dancing along to the empowering break-up tune.