🇹🇷 The Eurovision Expert Quiz – Turkey!

Do you think you are a Eurovision expert? The following ten questions are specially formulated to test even the biggest of Eurovision experts – so can you score 10/10?

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In which year did Turkey first reach the Top 10, and with which song?
1986, Halley
1981, Dönme Dolap
1997, Dinle
Which nations gave 12 points to Turkey in the 2006 Grand Final?
France, Germany, Netherlands
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Belgium
Belgium, Croatia, Malta
How many acts competed in the Turkish national selection of 1975?
Sedat Yüce represented Turkey in 2001, but which other years did he compete as a soloist in the national selection?
1996, 1999, 2005
1997, 1998, 2002
1995, 1996, 2000
MFÖ represented Turkey on two occasions. In which year did they receive 36 points, and with which song?
1985, Diday Diday Day
1988, Sufi
1989, Bana Bana
Who are the Top 5 point scorers for Turkey, in order of highest points to least?
Athena, Hadise, MaNga, Sertab Erener, Kenan Doğulu
MaNga, Sertab Erener, Hadise, Can Bonomo, Mor Ve Ötesi
Sertab Erener, MaNga, Hadise, Athena, Mor Ve Ötesi
From which position in the 2005 Final did Gülseren perform from, and which nations performed directly before and after Turkey?
6th, Norway before, Moldova after
9th, Romania before, Cyprus
8th, Malta before, Albania after
Can Bonomo’s Eurovision entry ‘Love Me Back’ was presented in a television special on which date?
February 22nd
March 3rd
March 11th
Which two Turkish acts finished in 18th place?
Nilüfer and Nazar, Modern Folk Trio and Ayşegül
Semiha Yankı, Kayahan
Burak Aydos, Çetin Alp and The Short Waves
Who was the Turkish conductor for the 1998 edition of Eurovision?
Ümit Eroğlu
Levent Çoker
Melih Kibar