2017 Eurovision Review – Romania

Incredibly, in all 17 appearances at Eurovision, Romania has managed to qualify to every single final. Although they have yet to win the contest, this is still a seriously good statistic. Last year, Romania was set to continue their qualification streak, however not long before the contest, the EBU announced that the Romanian broadcaster would be disqualified due to not paying debts. This year, they’re back and they’re ready to yodel their way to the final with Illinca featuring Alex Florea.

I feel like we can always trust Romania to choose something so different, not only in the context of the contest, but even different from each year previous. This year we get a pop/rock/yodel mix, and arguably, without the yodelling, this song would be bordering on one of the worst of the year. I find Alex’s rigid contribution to the song to be very underwhelming, which isn’t helped by super cliché lyrics. Illinca does save the song with her impressive vocals, and impressive and surprising talent for yodelling. Other than that, I find this song to be just so basic, and it feels like it’s a fun, ‘joke’ entry trying to be serious, but it’s not working for me.

It was fairly clear that this would be the winner of the Romanian national final, and I mean, I can see why. Even though I don’t enjoy this song myself, I can see the appeal in the fact that is a unique combination of styles. It has that novelty factor, which I can almost guarantee will be what sends them into the final, once again. The other good thing about this song is that they have different avenues they could take to stage this song. Alex and Illinca do have good stage chemistry, but it will be interesting to see if they stage this with the focus on the duo, or use gimmicks or props to play on the fun nature of the song.

I have no doubt this song be in the final. To benefit the song even more, it’s wedged between two ballad/power ballad songs, which will make this pop/rock/yodel tune stand out like no other. Overall, as much as I don’t like this song, I can see why others do, and I think this will be a real fan favourite when it comes to the voting – perhaps not so much for the jury. For me, it’s a 4/10. I’ll probably have to grab another coffee, another one to get through this song!

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